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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Attention Canadian, European and UK Investors, it's time to look at the US/Arizona

There couldn’t be a better time to invest in US Real Estate and there is no better a place to invest than Arizona. With a declining dollar and soon-to-drop interest rates, here are 10 reasons why you should consider investing in Arizona property…
1. If you currently reside in Canada, Europe or the UK you can now buy property that is equal to, 70% or 48% the value of your own currencies respectively, which means a $900,000 home would cost you $911,000 (Canadian), $516,560 (Euros) or $443,919 (Pounds).
2. Arizona is growing faster than any other part of the US and has unlimited ability to expand its footprint, infrastructure, culture, social life and commerce.
3. Despite the summers (it’s a dry heat) there is no better place to live climatically with 340+ days of sunshine and 9 months of temperatures ranging from 50° to 90°.
4. Floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, mudslides, humidity, mosquitoes and snow are non-existent.
5. With unlimited abundance of sunshine, Arizona offers some the best opportunity for investing in green technologies like solar energy.
6. Some of the top Architects and Green Developers in the southwest have created a competitive market for environmentally friendly/green residential and commercial properties.
7. Major international airport with direct flights daily from major European/British cities.
8. Short flights to Utah/Colorado for skiing, San Diego/Mexico for beaches, San Francisco, Napa Valley or LA if you have any possible reason to go to LA.
9. Unlimited access to…
a. Golf
b. Shopping
c. Bars/Clubs
d. Restaurants
e. Dozens of places that televise Soccer, serves a lukewarm pint and a good curry. Who knows you might even find the Mexican food and BBQ better/spicier than in your own backyard.
10. No snow to shovel, no rain to flood your basement, no leaves to rake, no grass to cut, no pollen to make you sneeze, no cold period and gasoline is still under $3.00 per gallon.

In general, there are a lot of reasons for investing in the US and specifically Arizona but the best reasons of all are the weather, the cost-of-living, the access and value. Most importantly, Arizona is leading the US in green development and land recycling. Investing in green development is obviously great for our earth and equally important it’s a great investment because of its long-term sustainability.

Besides, isn’t southern Spain and eastern Italy a bit passĂ© by now, and do you really want to hike all the way over to Croatia?

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